Community-The Big Clean UP


Middlesbrough has always been a soft target for a lot of people who are ready to defame it at every given cost. Not only media but also the people of other cities or communities largely contribute to degrading this town. Whenever someone talks wrong about a certain town , it basically refers to as a personal attack to the people of that town .However, Middlesbrough has a lot more to it than anybody can imagine. Therefore, we should start looking at the brighter side of the story.

Community Middlesbrough

The people of Middlesbrough consider it their prime duty to maintain their town like no other. A lot of people has slandered Middlesbrough and now the communities of the Middlesbrough are getting into action. Unarguably, communities of Middlesbrough have long been forgotten but now they are soaring.

The Big Clean Up

The biggest step that the community Middlesbrough has taken is the start of the big clean up in the Middlesbrough. The most major clean up started in the Blue Bell Beck and this was led by Carolyn Dodds. There are a lot of groups involved in this big clean up and all of those groups were quite eager to get the job done so that they can move onto another place.

It is observed that this clean up community of Middlesbrough collected up to 16 bags of rubbish from a small part of the Blue Bell Beck. It is quite an honor fto be a Middlesbrough citizen that all the people are taking pride in cleaning up their valuable town. This was just a glimpse of the spirit of the people of Middlesbrough and there is surely more to come in the near future.

Success Comes from Working Together

The people of Middlesbrough has now realized that nothing can change the outlook of their city unless they work side by side with each other. Whether it is collecting rubbish from the streets or collaborating together against the harsh and libeling comments of the people on your town, a community is essential.

A group of people works together towards the betterment of the city and that is what the communities of the Middlesbrough are currently doing. Community spirit is the most important and valuable thing for giving a new meaning to your city or town. This is because success comes from working and keeping together.

Cleaning up your city or an area is not only essential for maintaining your city but also it is valuable for your environmental sustainability. When a lot of people work together, there is a high chance of presenting new and innovative ideas for the betterment of the country. Therefore, it is quite indispensable to work as a team to reach the potential goals at a faster pace.

Future of the Middlesbrough

When all the other people strive hard to degrade your town,combine together as one power and work hard to take your city on the road to success. Therefore, it is very important to unite together. Moreover, these projects like this big clean up are essential for the city and these local projects can give rise to numerous other projects.

Article By Chloe Tempestoso

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  1. Chloe, this blog is super. It is a pleasure working with you. You really do get to the heart of the matter with real interest and feeling.


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