Project Carolyn Middlesbrough


I met Carolyn a few weeks ago at the Eve Appeal Charity event we both attended ,we started to discuss ProjectMidddlesbrough,she began telling me of what Middlesbrough meant to her ,and her story and life in the town. Here I met someone who was passionate about her town and really cared about the people of Middlesbrough and future ,Cared about local issues and the Middlesbrough Community. Carolyn is one of the people that makes Middlesbrough a great place to be and live. Here is Carolyn Story.

Carolyn with Andy Preston

I was born in 1944 and lived in Newport.  Had a happy childhood during difficult times when we were recovering from WW2.  I attended Archibald School, which I really enjoyed.  Those were the days when children attended school in their catchment area, usually within walking distance. Married in 1966, moving into a newly built house in Newfield Crescent, Acklam, still here today.  

Middlesbrough has been subject to some hard times over the years.  We Yorkshire folk are made of good stock, our ancestors coming from all corners of Britain and elsewhere in search of work.  This combination made Middlesbrough a great contributor to the wealth of this nation, especially with the production of iron and steel.

Carolyn attending the Eve Appeal Charity Event

I am proud of my heritage.  Middlesbrough is a fine place to live close to the beautiful Cleveland coast, the North Yorkshire Moors, and most of all friendly, warm hearten people.

We have been through some difficult times for some years now but feel that things are beginning to change.  People are starting to sit up and take notice of what’s happening in the community.  

A number of charitable organisations and voluntary workers are making a difference to our town.  I feel the vulnerable and lonely people are being listened to now and thanks to volunteers these people have places to go for friendship and food.  We must be grateful to these people for their efforts.  

On the 4th December I attended the press conference where Ben Houchen described his plan, which had been agreed with Peel Airport, to purchase Durham Tees Valley Airport.  Ben’s speech was amazing, he is so inspirational.  Robert Hough Chairman of Peel also made an encouraging speech.  This is just what we need in our area, the airport to be up and running.  There are companies waiting to invest here and we must provide the transport to get them here.  Internal and International flights are required to improve our economy. To be in the same room with both Ben Houchen and Andy Preston was wonderful.  Both these men are doing their utmost to improve our area.  

Let’s hope we can make a difference for our children, our grandchildren and future generations of smoggies.

Proud to be from the BORO.  

Article by Chloe Tempestoso

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