#Project Tees Factory


The Tees Shirt Factory (theteesshirtfactory.com) is a t-shirt website that makes garments promoting Middlesbrough and the local area. Founded in 2017 by Sarah Mitchell it was an idea that stemmed from wanting to have a side project at university. 

I asked Sarah about the business.
How did the idea start?
‘I wanted a way to make some extra money at university, and also to practice my design skills. I started making some logo designs for local businesses, then had the idea to make Middlesbrough themed shirts.’

Why did you choose to make locally themed shirts?
‘Middlesbrough sometimes has a negative image in the press and I wanted to promote some town pride and help people show off their home town, and what better way than on a t-shirt!’

Do you only sell locally?
‘The shirts are very popular with expats and have found their way to America, Dubai and even Australia
The Tees Shirt Factory also supplied me with a custom Project Middlesbrough shirt 

Sarah’s Independent Business is clear example of someone who is proud to be from Teesside, By highlighting through her T-shirt designs Tees Valley culture and heritage(Steel Industry, Transporter Bridge,Middlesbrough FC) something everyone in Middlesbrough should celebrate.

Sarah’s website can be found here at www.theteesshirtfactory.com

Article By Chloe Tempestoso

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