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Sir Francis Boynton owned the hall through its long association with the Hulster family.It began with the head of the family William Hulster a cloth Merchant from Bridlington who wanted a country estate close to work and by the river tees.He first rented Acklam hall big in 1637 where he bought the whole estate.

Brierley Events launched by the hall name after the famous Walter Brierley


Between 1683-1685 William Hulster Grandson also called William Hulster was knighted by King Charles II built Acklam hall as a two story building. 1815 for more than two hundred years the hall was home to the Hulster family. 1845-Thomas Hulster, who was born in America, was closely involved in the early development of Middlesbrough (The Infant Hercules) hall. This carried out significant alteration in 1845. Architect Walter Brierley added many new features to the hall in 1912.The hall kept many of its historical features from the original building from 1637. He also added much of his design to the hall.

Hall Turned Into All Boys School in 1935:

In 1935 the hall became education establishment becoming all-boys schools as in September 1935. In 2015 onwards restoration of the building was carried out. It was opened for the People of Middlesbrough in 2016 as offering a state of art restaurant, business space and wedding venue for the people of the area.

Old Poster advertising all boys School Uniforms

Tour of the Hall:

The saloon entrance of Acklam hall where the grand bar is located is where most of the Hussle and bustle were guests can enjoy breakfast or a spot of lunch from the Acklam hall Menu. As back in the hustle family days it wouldn’t be the busiest part of the hall many. Dining room extension was built-in 1912 by the architect Walter Brierly. The halls events company is named after the famous architect Walter Brierly.

Saloon area before the redevelopment and after in 2016

The Dining hall is the place where the church hosts its Afternoon tea and Fine dining experience. Hence it’s for customers who want a quieter dining experience. The parlor as back in the school days of the hall was the location of the headmaster’s office. Many of the customers who visit the today are themselves ex-students of the hall. The table located in the parlor area is made from original wood from the halls kitchen floor as making sure the hall keeps its authentic feel in the Modern day. The Grand Hall is that part of the hall is mainly used for wedding ceremonies.

Staircase area before the redevelopment and after in 2016

Hence all in the entire hall kept its old features from the Hulsters family days, and it’s English Heritage keeping it alive in the hall in 2019. The grand dining hall back in the hulster family day was known as the grand hall as in the school days known as the library. The sealing in the grand hall dated backs to 1683 as the grand hall is now used for significant networking events and weddings that have hosted over 100 weddings! Besides the hall is old historical Acklam Chruch St.Marys in 2017 first time in over 112 years the first bride walked through Briely gates to Acklam hall.

The Grand Hall after the redevelopment in 2016.

The hall is supervised by the young team led by managing director Michael Jones,who give myself a tour of the hall and its grounds,told me about the halls history,his Acklam hall team are passionate and hard-working as aiming to give their customers the best experience possible. One aim of hall is to celebrate its History through its stunning driveway, and avenue of tees view from the Grand hall upstairs it being Middlesbrough only one grade listed building offering Tapas nights and grand Christmas dinners. Acklam hall is Middlesbrough downtown abbey. In addition to the wedding package, the rooms provide a bridal suite. Much of the building is used as a private office space. There is a group called the Acklam boys club groups of gentlemen who attended the school all boys.

Luxury Bridal Suite
View of the hall from the pond area

Hence many people from the boys club visit the hall have fond memories at school there. Hall often hosts Club dinners for the Acklam halls club. Since opening the halls brought back a lot of pride in the town. The hall hires local people to try and use local companies keeping it very much for people of the area. Acklam Hall is helping to put Middlesbrough on the map as it is something people of the town should celebrate part of the town’s history.

Article By Chloe Tempestoso

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