Project Dean Moore the Comedian.


I met Dean Moore,over 6 months ago through social media he very kindly give me and a friend two tickets to one of his Independent Comedy nights at West Garth Club,where I was first introduced me to the Local Teesside comedy scene helping to support local comedians get into the comedy scene,I was so happy to see a local person try and help grow the comedy scene on Teesside,here’s Deans Story.

  • What does Middlesbrough mean to me ?

Middlesbrough is my hometown, the place I love, it’s full of amazing people from all walks of life and you’ll struggle to find a prouder smoggy.

  • Why do I think Teesside gets a bad press?
Dean helped with Community litter pick in local Greens spaces in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has its issues like many places but we do sometimes get a bit of negative press from tone to time. It’s easy to punch down and for me it’s at times lazy journalism. Look at Middlesbrough right now, on our doorstep we have the North Yorkshire Moors, we have so many talented athletes and musicians, artists who come from the area. We have a great Uni, the town centre is starting to look great and now we have launched the digital city.

  • What’s the story behind me setting up Halfpenny Comedy Club?

Having been a fan of comedy and started to perform myself I started the comedy club to give my myself more stage time and to provide laugher for people who may have had a long tiring week at work and need some light relief.

  • What do I think of the current comedy scene?

We have some of the best comedy clubs in the land in my opinion, we have the smaller nights like Halfpenny Comedy, Shoecake Comedy and laughing Pug, these are good intimate gigs. Peter Vincent runs the bigger nights in town, Big Mouth comedy at the town hall to name one. These are huge nights and very well established on the circuit. Comedy In Middlesbrough and in the north east in general has been brilliant for a while now.

Dean with singer Papa Banton who came to Middlesbrough from LA USA
  • How did you first get into comedy

As a fan of comedy it was something I wanted to try, that and skateboarding.

  • Live comedy is so much better than what you see on tv. For me a small intimate comedy gig like my own is good because the crowd are in the moment and we all play a part in the night.
  • What’s my message
Dean at the Radio 1 Big Weekend

Start with 5 mins and be self aware. Don’t think you can MC and do 30 mins sets straight away. Watch loads of comedy and listen to advice. Be happy and enjoy it as if it doesn’t go well you’ll still get to live another day.

  • What does community mean to me?

Community to me is something each and everyone plays a part in. We can all sit and complain about a problem but a community will try and find a solution. Myself I’m involved with the community champions who do amazing work in the community. Middlesbrough is very much on the up, I’m from North Ormesby and we now have an amazing councillor called Ashely Waters, the town has an amazing new Mayor who gets things done and does so much that you don’t see. Now we have the chance to have a new MP. Trust me Ant High is an incredible human a local lad who’s drive and ambition comes from the love of the town. Middlesbrough is on the up and I’m proud to play a small part in the community groups.

From Deans community work for the town,and his local Independent comedy club Halfpenny Comedy club,it’s a clear example of someone who is proud of being from Middlesbrough is helping towards Middlesbrough being the own it is today.

Up The Boro

Article By Chloe Tempestoso

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