Project ARC the heart of Art and Culture in Teesside


In November I was invited by Louise a staff member of Stockton’s beloved Centre of the arts ,ARC I was given a tour of ARC ,to see what the Centre has to offer the people of Teesside ,I was truly pleased with the with the different choice of activities and art and culture events it offers to the people of Teesside from live comedy nights Chris Ramsey performing  at ARC in under three weeks’ time, ARC also offers a stage to local artists supporting their work, offering support and work space to local drama students at the local colleges in the Teesside area.

Located in the heart of ARC on the ground floor is independent restaurant NO 60 in the heart of Stockton is the perfect to relax and catch up with friends over a coffee or treat yourself to something from the NO 60 lunch or evening menu includes vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options and is even available to takeaway.NO 60 modern British menu offers, sandwiches and jacket potatoes alongside along other light lunch options, its for sure worth a visit to this quirky independent cafe if you ever find yourself visiting ARC.

Live performances can never go out of style. They have a different aura, vibe, and energy that make them distinct and so special. One gets to experience the natural voice of their favourite singers without any changes. Dancers, drama artists, and a lot other performers are right in front of you. You see them without any filter and that is a life time experience for many out there.

In all of this energetic crowd and a lovely performance, many of you are dying to be there on stage and perform with all your heart and soul. All of this seems so impossible and hard that you give up. Well, giving up is not what’s going to take you there on the stage. The steadfast will to succeed and constant hard work beats talent. All you need is a little courage and a lot of practice.

ARC’s commitment to support theatre, singing, dancing and any other stage performance has brought it so far and is still aimed to focus on providing support to performers so that they can produce quality content. It aims to produce content that is relevant to audience and represents the community.

Customised programs and initiatives are also being delivered as per the demands of artists.

ARC encourages new singers, dancers and other performers to get started through their platform. A perfect example of this is the group silver singing group. It is a singing group for people over the age of 50 who are looking to improve their confidence, breathing or just have some fun while being active. Being a part of this group requires no experience. Being able to read music is not compulsory. No auditions are required. All you need is a will to join the group. A silver singer will be introduced in the local events later on.

The reason behind starting this activity lies in being there for the old citizens and promoting art and culture. Singing has some health benefits that make it the best practice for elderly people. It strengthens the immune system. Researches have shown that it also lowers the mental stress levels and improves quality of life. People who started singing are found to have better sleep than before.

ARC supports arts and culture and is dedicated to produce quality content along with helping the artists. It acts as an oasis in the city of hustle and a lot of work. Concerts, dramas and other events are being organised by ARC. Promoting culture and art, ARC is a beacon of hope for those who want to pursue their profession in singing, dancing or any other performance art.

With the often-negative stereotypes Teesside often faces, often been thought of place that has no Art and culture, I recommend any Teessider to take a visit to this Stockton Art and Culture Hub to see what culture it can offer you, after my visit and tour of the art Centre I can tell anyone the ARC is the centre of Teessides art and culture scene.

If you are wanting to find out about any upcoming events at ARC please head to their website for more information –

Article by Chloe Tempestoso

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