Project The Boro Mag


What does Middlesbrough mean to you?

Middlesbrough is the place I was born and where I grew up. It’s where I was educated and where I grew to love football. I don’t live in Middlesbrough anymore, but always love coming back to the town. Over time, it has developed and improved, but the people still love where they live and want the best for it. The town also has a football club that I have supported since I was about 9 years old. It has brought many highs and lows as a follower attending matches as well as now watching from afar.

What’s the story behind the Boro Mag?

I have written about Boro for a few years now, sometimes publishing online and sharing with fans. I decided that I would like to get back into writing about Boro and so did just that. After reading some of the football magazines I own I decided that it would be a great to do one all about Boro. I contacted some of the writers I know online and then we got started on coming up with ideas for articles. My sister, Kirsty, also got involved to create the layout for the magazine and give it a professional look.

What’s the Boro Mag about, what can readers expect from the magazine?

Readers will expect to find long form articles telling stories from a range of eras in Boro’s past. These include articles about the early days at Ayresome Park right up to the Karanka and Pulis era. Each article is written by fans passionate about the club and this comes across in the writing. The magazine itself will be professionally put together and achieve the best quality we can.

What been people’s reactions to the pre launch of the magazine from social media ?

People have reacted well to the magazine so far and they are really positive about the launch. I think we might have a few pre-orders already!

How important do you think the football club is to the town?

The football club is vital to the town and that is often reflected in the attendances in the ground. A successful club brings happiness and ultimately an economic benefit to the people of Middlesbrough. If we can get back to a point where the club is challenging again at the top of the Championship and maybe the Premier League, then the town will benefit too. The club also provides a vital outlet for people during what has been a difficult period in the last 10 years.

Whats your fondest memory of your time of supporting the Boro

My fondest memories are probably from about 96-98 with star players, cup finals and away matches following the club around the country. There was no better moment than finding out that we had got tickets in the Boro end for the UEFA Cup final against Sevilla.

Who’s your favourite Boro player of all time?

I probably have a group of favourite Boro players that include Juninho, Merson, Boateng, Southgate and Mendieta. Probably too many to mention.

When can we expect to see the magazine out for Boro supporters to read?

The Boro mag will be released in early May and all details of how to buy will be on our Twitter feed and Instagram page so please give us a follow.

Links to The BORO MAG Instagram

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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