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My Interview with local Boro blogger Jordan 18 from Middlesbrough.who runs online page called OUR MFC.

Whats does Middlesbrough mean to you?

Middlesbrough is the place I was born and where I grew up. It’s where I was educated and where I grew to love football. I don’t live in Middlesbrough anymore, but always love coming back to the town. Over time, it has developed and improved, but the people still love where they live and want the best for it.

Whats the story behind your page Our MFC?

The story behind my page is the pure love for my local football team. I want to bring everyone that also loves this club the latest news, images and videos, in one place.

What does Middlesbrough F,C mean to you?
Middlesbrough FC means the heart and soul of this local town to me and a passion that is shared between all smoggies.

Whats the reaction been from Middlesbrough fans since the launch of the page?

Since I started the launch of this page the reaction has been really good and I’ve really enjoyed speaking to like minded people about the Boro.
Whats the overall aim of your page?
My overall goal for this page is to continue growing it so that everyone that loves Boro, follow it and I’m able to share the latest news with them. I would also like to create a blog page, where they could find my latest thoughts on matches when they return and get some of the fans thoughts as well. I want it to be a shared effort that all Boro fans can get involved with.

Why do you think Middlesbrough gets such a bad reputation in the media?
I think maybe because of the lack of money and limited jobs available. This really infuriates me though. Middlesbrough/ Teesside made this country, if it weren’t for the steel works, God only knows where we’d be. It’s full of amazing people that have done amazing things, so it saddens me, especially down south when they don’t consider any part of the UK to be above Watford Gap.

Whats your fondest memory of supporting Middlesbrough F.C?

For me personally it has to be getting promoted in 2016. I remember that final whistle being blown and I just burst out crying. ‘We’ve done it, we’ve actually done it’. That will live with me forever.

What is it about Boro fans which makes different to any others?

The whole town gets behind their local side and the passion is second to none. The atmosphere is always electric and that’s what makes us different. Home and away, we’ll always back our side.

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Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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