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Teesside Music

What does Teesside, Middlesbrough mean to you?
A lot! Being born and bred from Middlesbrough and growing up in the surrounding areas, has made me realise that it’s the absolute gem of the North East! Such a wonderful place with even nicer people.
What’s your message to anyone in Teesside wanting to get into the music scene?
Go to gigs and talk to people involved with music. Just gig wherever you can, there are open mic nights you can play at and there’s countless gigs at venues around Boro & Stockton too. 

What is the current music scene like in Teesside?

Booming! I think it’s the best it’s been for a long while, since I can remember anyway. There’s so many up and coming artists/bands coming through right now; in Boro, Stockton, Hartlepool and more.

How did you get into music scene?
I played bass in bands growing up in school and did many a gig at The Georgian Theatre in my early teens through my guitar teachers shows that he used to put on. Everything kind of stemmed from there really!
What’s the reaction been by people in Teesside when listening to your music?
I’d like to think it’s pretty good haha! It’s always a nerve racking thing releasing your own music and I went through a period where I didn’t for a long time, but the reaction to my releases so far this year has been amazing so I can’t complain!

What’s the story behind you as an artist how did you get into music?
I was surrounded by music from a young age and learnt piano first but I sucked at it and wanted to pursue the guitar. So I learnt bass first at around 13/14, then guitar at around 16/17. I wish I started sooner! I was then performing up bands till 20/21 which led to us splitting up. Then I decided to start writing for myself and I’ve loved doing so ever since. I feel that it has taken some time for me to understand how I want to write and what direction I want to go in, but I feel like I’m getting closer day by day.

Can you tell us about any upcoming Singles or EP you have planned for this year ?
Well I’ve had two releases so far this year, and now I’ll be looking to get back into recording new music once everything returns to normality. So watch this space basically!

How does it feel when you perform live at a gig or here your music on the radio?

Can’t beat it! I love performing to an invested audience and I miss it dearly. Fortunately I’ve managed to get some airplay during this time so that makes things a bit easier, knowing that my music is being well received!
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Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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