Project Kev Forth a Teesside Photographer


Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi Kev Forth, just the wrong side of 50. married for 29 years with one daughter Evie who is 11. II run a Childrens bedding and bean bag company in Middlesbrough and am a part time photographer.

Tell us a bit about how you got into Photography?

I started taking photos around 15 years ago on a point and shoot camera, this slowed down when we got a dog (she hates the camera) and then slowed down a little more when my daughter was born. Around 4 years ago I went on holiday to the amazing Shetland Isles and decided I wanted to get a decent camera to record the holiday. When I came back I teamed up with one of my mates and we went out on day trips with our cameras. I then started popping a few on Facebook and found that I was getting some good reactions.

Tell us a bit about the type of Photography you do , type of photos you take ?

On the whole I would say I am a landscape photographer and why would you not be when we live in such a beautiful area, If I get the chance I do like to take wildlife as well but at the moment do not have the time and patience required for this type of photography.

What’s the reaction been from people to your pictures of Saltburn and Redcar around Teesside ?

On the whole the reactions are amazing and some times quite humbling. The fact that someone takes the time to comment and share a post is fantastic and I have now started selling some prints, coasters and tea towels and have just signed off two calendars for 2021 being a Redcar one and a Saltburn one. Again I find it unbelievable that someone pays £100 for one of my photos (these are massive and mounted on aluminium) similarly I am chuffed when someone buys a £3.00 coaster.

What’s your favourite spot in Teesside to take of photos of ?

Without a doubt my favourite spot is South Gare, you rarely get two hours the same when you get down there and you really feel close to nature and the elements. I think it is also very representative of our area you have the remnants of British Steel all of the industry over the water at North Gare and you have beautiful wind swept beaches on the Redcar side.

What’s your advice to anyone who is looking into having a career in Photography?

I do hope to take my photography to the next level and to turn it more into a business, however I realise that this is very difficult and that many people have tried and failed. I would recommend anyone wanting to either get into photography or wanting to turn their photography into a business to practice and to try and find an area/subject that is not flooded.

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Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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