Turtle Dust The Teesside Artist


What’s the story behind your article and you becoming an artist ?

Just to confirm I’m not an actual turtle, or made of dust but I do have aspirations to become an amphibious superhero but I’m not keen on getting wet and lycra, take it or leave it! With me?

I don’t like to call myself an artist in its strictest form. I’m a designer, I design things for instant gratification with my tongue pressed firmly in my cheek! I suppose you could call me the visual bootlegger, I bring lots of parts together to make something alternative to the original in a similar way hip-hop did for music.

Tell us a bit about your artwork ?

Its mostly digital although I have introduced lots of mixed media versions with collaborations including illuminating, mechanical and spray can art. I use tons of layers, cut-outs all patiently repainted digitally like a controlled collage. I use lots of graphic design positioning, bordering on advertising techniques with psychological tricks and colour treats.

How has Covid affected you as an artists and business ?

I’ve tried to use it as a positive experience to fuel new ideas, designs, skills and target new audiences, outlets and make connections with new collaborators in a similar half-built, semi-inflated boat. Like a 21st century Noah in Joseph’s technicolour, nylon based anorak – we are trying to ride the storm and when we land its going to be an explosion even dulux won’t be able to colour match.

Whats the reaction being like from people to your artwork?

At a recent exhibition I had at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle I was described by one regional critic / eye-baller as ‘the confuser’, he said he didn’t want to like my work but was ‘unexpectedly drawn to its immediacy, humor and detail’! So i’m the Eastenders of art then, pointless, accessible but you can’t help having a look. The urban Beale

Tell us little bit about your Teesside themed artwork ?

Its a modern take on a vintage theme, the seaside postcard that never happened, letting the world know we can accept the absurdity of the time and place we live in and no matter where the wizard may take us we’ll still build a pigeon chest blue bridge with a magical levitating tarmaced gondola that delivers you to the promised land.

How has Covid affected your business and how have you planned to bounce back from it?

On a positive level lockdown increased print sales and my international sales grew as more people began to take the time to search for fresh eye space and new views,outfits and company for their 4 walls. I work a lot with venues, events, clubs, hotels and interesting eateries so that side of my ‘artistry’ has taken a well distanced back seat. I currently have a storage space filled with 100 unused space hoppers (amongst other stunt based furniture and goodies) and if there was ever away to bounce back from this I got enough hot air for all of us!

For more info about Turtle dust head to his website https://turtledust.bigcartel.com/

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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