Does Middlesbrough really deserve its bad reputation?


Why is does Middlesbrough get such a bad reputation from the national media and the rest of the UK in general, been a young 25 year old women living here, I’m Middlesbrough born and bred in Acklam Middlesbrough, since a young age of 9/10 I have always wondered why we are seen as such an awful place to live by people from outside the area and the national media. I wanted to find out why do we as a town get such a bad reputation and ask the question do we deserve our bad reputation?

I guess it first hit me back in 2007 when I was just 12 years old, I was watching the channel four program Location Location, one off episode were they listed the top ten best places to live in the UK and top 10 worst places to live. I decided to watch it as I was curious to watch the show to see if my hometown would be mentioned, the year before we were voted 5th worst place to live. I guess I was kind of hoping we were no longer in the top 10 worst places to live ,I didn’t think one second we would end up been voted as the worst place in the UK from this my first thought rest of the country is going to think my hometown is the worst place to live in the UK,I knew this was far from the truth.

Most of you reading this would of seen the program clip were they listed us as the worst place to live in the UK, the clip they showed was around six minutes long’s always whenever the films crew come to Middlesbrough they always go to the worst areas, Gresham where the houses had been left, to be honest who can blame them we always know there going to film bad parts as its makes the best TV, they went to talk about high crime rate in our town and unemployment in our area, they didn’t highlight one positive thing about our town. As Somebody is proud of our town I refuse to accept as been branded as the worst place to live in the UK.

I openly admit as a town we do have problems, I am not naïve to think Middlebsrough is this perfect place to live, I know some areas need work and need to be improved, its important as a town we deal with the problems with drugs and mental health and poverty we have conversations about these important subjects. I travelled to a lot different parts of the UK, from this there no where I believe Middlesbrough is the worst to live, all town and cities have problems with crime, poverty and drugs. It doesn’t seem anywhere else gets it highlighted as much as Middlesbrough it seems where bad reputation comes from only stories spoken about are always negative, I believe that mindset needs to change and the national and rest of the UK needs to give us a chance this is amazing place to be.

I remember my dad always saying they never come and film Acklam hall or the avenue of Trees, or talk about Stanley Hollis the WW2 D-Day hero only man to win the VC on D-Day been from Middlesbrough, or our amazing steel industry, or the fact this year we hosted the radio one big weekend. I could go on they a list of things which are amazing about Teesside which the media never talk about, you know the amazing stuff our town has to offer the world and our amazing history.

I think I have summed up that Middlesbrough does not deserve its bad reputation from the media and rest of the UK. Anyone who readers my blog knows I am so passionate about this town, I am so proud to be from here, I will fight to give this town the good reputation it deserves, through sharing peoples Teesside stories through my blog going out meeting local people. Its very reason I set up this little blog over a year to show the true Middlesbrough, My Middlesbrough and your Middlesbrough.

Article by Chloe Tempestoso

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