Ellie Brennan Brings a Parmo & Chips Rug plus much more the Extension of The Fingers thumbs and the spaces inbetween Exhibition at Eston Arts Centre in Middlesbrough from 8th October till the 31st October.

The Middlesbrough born artist who studied at Manchester Fine Art graduate who also studied at Teessides Northern school of art campus in Middlesbrough, is set to launch her debut show from Eston Arts centre in Middlesbrough.

She utilises a range of techniques, from crochet, to industrial rug tufting, but her overall aim is to create work that is accessible to everyone, and doesn’t shroud itself in complex art theory . Instead, she prefers to work with key memories from childhood growing up in the North East in Middlesbrough , and create pieces that hopefully resonate with a wider audience, and help to make ‘fine art’ more accessible for people living in the North East is hopeful her first show in her hometown connects with people in the area.

The exhibit was crafted during the Covid19 lockdown, as Ellie got a chance to reconnect with her favourite foods as a child including Teessides famous dish the Parmo. Offering the visitors, a blast from the past, as they feel the cultural difference walking into the exhibit.

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Fingers, Thumbs And The Spaces Inbetween is at Eston Arts Centre, Middlesbrough from Thursday 8th-Saturday 31st October

Article by Chloe Tempestoso

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