Boro breakdown Podcast Interview


Would you like to introduce yourself?

We’re Jonny, Dana and Elliott, otherwise known as The Boro Breakdown Podcast. We’re three big Boro fans that condense all the matchday chatter into a pod.

Can you tell us about how the Boro Breakdown Podcast started?

The Boro Breakdown started around the time Jonny was writing match previews for my website. Because Jonny is dyslexic, it was more comfortable for him to speak rather than type, and so the previews moved from a written format into an audio one. Initially it was just Jonny on his own talking about the set-up, tactics and personnel of the upcoming opponent. After a couple of guest pods, including chats with Graeme Bailey, Yusuf Jama as well as myself and Elliott, Jonny reached out to both of us to get us involved. Jonny knew Elliott from University and knew me from the website he did a bit of writing for, so eventually the new line-up was introduced and it evolved from there. The previews became reviews, incorporated opinion, stats and, as the rapport between the three of us became more natural, the humor started to filter through as well.

How did you come up with the name The Boro Breakdown Podcast ?

The name came to be because Jonny was ‘breaking down’ the team Boro were facing next. It’s rather apt though, because Boro sometimes breakdown on the pitch, and the podcast sometimes breaks down with tech issues – so it’s a perfect title!

Can you tell us what the podcast is about ?

The podcast is about everything Boro, from the game just gone, to the game coming up, and everything in between. Opinion, stats, transfer news, opposition research — that’s what you can expect on the podcast. And a side of banter too!

What’s the reaction been from the listeners?

The reaction has been excellent. Especially since moving to Red Army Radio – who’ve been a massive help in elevating the podcast – the response has been superb, and very humbling. The listens, reviews, shares, comments and general engagement of the podcast is mind blowing to us, and we’re so incredibly appreciative. Special shoutout has to go to Dave Roberts, Marc Yafano, Chris Lofthouse, Phil Bullock, Courtney Hussain and everyone behind the scenes at Red Army for helping allow the podcast to grow.

What’s your favourite thing about being Middlesbrough fans?

I think all three of us just love the identity. Middlesbrough fans are proud people, and that’s no different for us. We love going to the games with our families, going to our burger vans, taking our seats and watching the Boro. That’s even if they lose!

You can listen to the Boro Breakdown podcast every Sunday on most streaming services.


Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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