Gone Tomorrow Teesside latest musical talent

We are Gone Tomorrow, a young alternative rock band from Stockton-on-Tees with all members aged from 16-19. We play passionate, aggressive music and have just released our debut single, ‘Escapist’ How did the Gone Tomorrow band form ? We formed at school when our singer/songwriter, Ben Ruddick, showed us some music he had been writing. […]

bORO breakdown Podcast Interview

Would you like to introduce yourself? We’re Jonny, Dana and Elliott, otherwise known as The Boro Breakdown Podcast. We’re three big Boro fans that condense all the matchday chatter into a pod. Can you tell us about how the Boro Breakdown Podcast started? The Boro Breakdown started around the time Jonny was writing match previews […]

WHY I’m proud to be from Teesside

So here I go again writing another blog piece defending Teesside from the critics and the Teesside haters as I call them. Guess what I wont stop doing this ever I totally get everyone is entitled to their views about our area its not crime to say your not a fan of Middlesbrough , Stockton […]

The Northern Creator

Firstly would you like to introduce yourself, tell us a bit about your business ? Hi! My name is Sarah Goodwin, I’m an artist based in Middlesbrough and I created a small business called The Northern Creator. It specialises in commissioned artwork and design, mainly focusing on prints, wall art and cards; with each piece […]


Ellie Brennan Brings a Parmo & Chips Rug plus much more the Extension of The Fingers thumbs and the spaces inbetween Exhibition at Eston Arts Centre in Middlesbrough from 8th October till the 31st October. The Middlesbrough born artist who studied at Manchester Fine Art graduate who also studied at Teessides Northern school of art […]

Does Middlesbrough really deserve its bad reputation?

Why is does Middlesbrough get such a bad reputation from the national media and the rest of the UK in general, been a young 25 year old women living here, I’m Middlesbrough born and bred in Acklam Middlesbrough, since a young age of 9/10 I have always wondered why we are seen as such an […]

Turtle Dust The Teesside Artist

What’s the story behind your article and you becoming an artist ? Just to confirm I’m not an actual turtle, or made of dust but I do have aspirations to become an amphibious superhero but I’m not keen on getting wet and lycra, take it or leave it! With me? I don’t like to call […]

They Saw It Coming: Teesplan 60 years on

The story of the 1960s idea that predicted the future – and the explosive scandal that ended it For a hundred years, our region was the steel capital of the world. Steel forged in Tees furnaces found its way into the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and weaved across the Victoria Falls. When Churchill’s war cabinet met […]

Project Kev Forth a Teesside Photographer

Would you like to introduce yourself? Hi Kev Forth, just the wrong side of 50. married for 29 years with one daughter Evie who is 11. II run a Childrens bedding and bean bag company in Middlesbrough and am a part time photographer. Tell us a bit about how you got into Photography? I started […]

Project Abby and Owen

Project Middlesbrough sat down and chatted with local Teesside artists duo Abby and Owen to talk about their new partnership. Abbey, what’s your favourite landmark in Middlesbrough?My favourite landmark is the iconic Transporter Bridge. It’s such a striking and dynamic structure. We currently sell prints of an original illustration of the Transporter Bridge on our […]

Project The Sweet Apron

Would you like to introduce yourself? Hi, I am Arwa a mum to 2 year old Isaac. I am an accountant, currently on a career break and a professional personal trainer with a passion for fitness. However, my love lies in making (and eating ) desserts. What’s the story behind The Sweet Apron ? Setting […]

Eat out to help out scheme in Middlesbrough

The Governments Eat out to help out scheme is running through the whole month of August across the UK. The scheme offers customers 50 per cent off there meal and non alcoholic drink for the value of up to £10 per person from Monday to Wednesday until the 31 August. Here at Project Middlesbrough we […]

Project Stephen Docherty Artist

Project Middlesbrough sat down and chatted to local artist and musician Stephen Docherty to talk all things to do with his artwork and Middlesbrough. Would you like to introduce yourself ? My name is Stephen Docherty. Born and grazed in Middlesbrough. 35 year old and fast getting older. Whats the story behind your artwork and […]

Project Anjalee Burrows

Would you like to introduce yourself? Hello! I’m Anjalee Burrows, also known as ‘Anjalee Bee’. I’m a freelance illustrator, based in Middlesbrough, currently specialising in children’s books, stationery and clothing designs. What’s the story behind your artwork and you becoming an artist? Illustration has always been a part of my identity, and I’ve been very […]

Project Mimazina

In these challenging times, it’s very important to stay together and connect with one another. The Middlesbrough Institute of Modern art in association with the Foundation Press are eager to announce the Mimazina online publication. At its core, this is a digital community journal where people from Tess Valley can share their stories. What is […]

Project Baker Street Kitchen

What does Teesside mean to you?  I am from Sheffield originally and moved up to Teesside 10 years ago. I have worked in different parts of Tees Valley, Darlington, Yarm and Middlesbrough. I feel really privileged to call Teesside my home now, its such an amazing place to be, I wouldn’t be who I am […]

Project Bentley’s Coffee Shop

What does Teesside mean to you? Teesside is home. I was born here, raised here and will probably remain here. It’s a beautiful part of the world. We have so much even, though we are portrayed as having little. The outside opinion is so wrong. We have more green open space than most. We have […]

Dame Vera Lynn has died at the age of 103

The forces sweetheart during WW11 whose songs helped many during the war with classics such as we will meet again has sadly died aged 103. She only recently celebrated her 103rd. She was also known as Queen Elizabeth favourite singer. In 2009, at the age of 92, she became the oldest living artist to top […]

Middlesbrough Mayor faces criticism on CVFM question time over white privilege comments.

Mayor Andy Preston faced criticism following Facebook post that asked locals to ignore “talk in the media about white privilege”. The mayor said that “awful situations” affect both “white and non-white families” in Middlesbrough and that “negative outcomes [in the town] are driven largely by poverty not skin colour.” His comments followed the wake of […]

Project Bohw Pottery

Project Middlesbrough sat down and chatted with the owner of the Independent Teesside Business Bohw Pottery company to find the story behind their business. What does Teesside mean to you? Teesside is the where I have lived for the past 25 years so it really is my home. I was brought up not too far […]

Project Petite Prosecco Company

Project Middlesbrough sat down and chatted with the owner of the Independent Teesside Business Petite Procescco company to find the story behind their business. What does Teesside mean to you? The Teesside Area Is where I grew up, having lived here throughout my childhood and adult life I’ve watched the progression of the area develop […]

My Visit to the Black Path

Artists Foundation Press have spent the past year working with people in South Bank, Middlesbrough. Their artwork ‘Notes On The Black Path’, located along the public footpath off Old Station Road, is a large collage celebrating the historical route known as ‘The Black Path’ and the nearby community of South Bank. Opportune path for work to the […]

Project Salt Steel Brewing Co

What does Middlesbrough mean to you? Middlesbrough and the Teesside area holds a very special place in my heart. I am originally from a town in the North West called Northwich. Around 8 years ago I met my now wife and would drive up to Middlesbrough every other weekend. I would look forward to coming […]

Project Joe Ramsey Music

What does Teesside, Middlesbrough mean to you?A lot! Being born and bred from Middlesbrough and growing up in the surrounding areas, has made me realise that it’s the absolute gem of the North East! Such a wonderful place with even nicer people.What’s your message to anyone in Teesside wanting to get into the music scene?Go to […]

Coronavirus: How to keep your kids happy and learning during school closures

Sunita Ghosh Dastidar is a former secondary science teacher and masters student in Science Communication at Imperial College London. @sunitadastidar See more of her content at Schools across the UK are closed for an indefinite period of time. How can you keep your kids entertained during lockdown? Millions of children are off school due […]

Project The little gin palace

What does Teesside mean to me? Teesside is home to me and where I have lived my entire life. I am proud to be a Teessider and want to shout about all the fantastic local businesses and products they create.  Why do you think independent businesses are so important for an area like Teesside? Independent […]

Middlesbrough Five golden signing of 2004

I can remember Middlesbrough season 2004/05 season all though I was only 9 years old at time I always see that season along withe 05/06 season has Middlesbrough glory years winning the league cup in 2004 to reaching the UFEA cup final in 2006 finishing 7th place in 2007, watching players like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink […]

10 things to do in Tees Valley when lockdown is over

We are all asking the same question during these strange times – what is the first thing we will be we do once it’s all over and everything is back to normal.  If you’re unsure of what you’re planning to do, there is no need to worry, we have put a guide together packed with […]

Project Nat Moss Middlesbrough Artist

I would like to introduce myself as a 33 year old local Middlesbrough artist, a wife and a mother to 6 beautiful children.  My children inspire me every day with my art, as nothing in the world could compare to making my children proud of me. What does Middlesbrough mean to you? Middlesbrough  means alot […]

Project Our MFC

My Interview with local Boro blogger Jordan 18 from Middlesbrough.who runs online page called OUR MFC. Whats does Middlesbrough mean to you? Middlesbrough is the place I was born and where I grew up. It’s where I was educated and where I grew to love football. I don’t live in Middlesbrough anymore, but always love […]

Project Abby Taylor Teesside Artist

‘My interview with local Teesside artist Abby Taylor Would you like to introduce yourself?I am an independent multi-award-winning Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in the North-East of England and working worldwide. I create all sorts of illustrations, often of iconic local landmarks. These illustrations are usually commissioned by local businesses to use as part of […]

Project The Boro Mag

What does Middlesbrough mean to you? Middlesbrough is the place I was born and where I grew up. It’s where I was educated and where I grew to love football. I don’t live in Middlesbrough anymore, but always love coming back to the town. Over time, it has developed and improved, but the people still […]

Project Teesside Ground Hopper!!

I had the pleasure of chatting with local Teessider Jack Mccabe a 17 Year old college student from Stockton on Tees, Jack spoke to Project Middlesbrough about his recent venture of starting a online blog called The Teesside Ground Hopper the story behind the Teesside Ground hopper and his love for Teesside and Middlesbrough F.C […]

The importance of mental health during COVID-19 guidance and support!!

The Importance Of Mental Health… My name is Mark Robbins and I’ve suffered with chronic depression for 40 years. With three suicide attempts and experiencing a n emotional breakdown in recent years I finally reached out and sought professional help, proceeded on a journey of self preservation & healing.. When addressing our needs affected by […]

12 things the people of Middlesbrough love about their town!

As someone who runs a blog about Middlesbrough I always often wondered what people in Middlesbrough love most about our town. Over the last 17 months I been asking the people of Middlesbrough what there favorite things are about Middlesbrough what places building bridges means most to them after to speaking to over 100 people […]

“Palentine’s Café” pop-up launches at Hillstreet Centre to help people find new friends and promote social activities available locally

A pop-up café launched in a Middlesbrough shopping centre today to help people find new friends and give their social life a bit of a boost.   The PALentine’s Café opened on Thursday 13 (a date marked more recently to celebrate friendship, and some would say an antidote to the romantic pressures of February 14) for […]

Project ARC the heart of Art and Culture in Teesside

In November I was invited by Louise a staff member of Stockton’s beloved Centre of the arts ,ARC I was given a tour of ARC ,to see what the Centre has to offer the people of Teesside ,I was truly pleased with the with the different choice of activities and art and culture events it […]

Project Philip Meadows a Middlesbrough artist

My interview with local Middlesbrough artist Philip Meadows. What does Middlesbrough mean to you– I sat on top of Sydney harbour bridge and the guide said to the group Dorman Long made the steel, it was cast on a nearby girder. He asked people where they were from and I said 2 miles from where […]