Project Gallery TS1

It cannot be ignored that there is a constant need to highlight the importance of art in our society. In our busy lives, we get so involved in the systematic routine that the development of arts is curtailed. Therefore, Gallery TS1 located in the central Middlesbrough right next to the empire nightclub  on Corporation road is doing a great job in the revival of art. 

The Art Gallery was initiated by the Middlesbrough council and local Middlesbrough Artisits over 10 years ago. It is an important site in the Tees valley due to its immense contribution in getting the younger population know the value of art. Gallery TS1 started functioning in 2007 after which it has spared not a single day in the contribution of art. Gallery TS1 was expanded it to encourage the local community to visit and display their art work. Alan Morley believes the gallery is exactly what the community needs to uplift art and encourage local artists to come forward.

The Gallery provides a great platform for people of all ages to showcase their work.The gallery provides a mix of art, it is not restricted to any particular type of art. It showcases everything starting from metal art, art photography pottery and glass and much more. The work is exuberating. It is catching the attention of people throughout Middlesbrough which proves that they gallery is a successful initiative. Not only does the gallery encourage people to contribute to the art work, it also provides apprenticeships to young artists in the early years of the gallery . It motivates them to join the art community and give their work the appreciation it needs and deserve. 

The art gallery is the first major incentive of the Middlesbrough community which is doing a great job in highlighting the local art of the Tees Valley Area. If the local art is not appreciated enough, the younger generation would be unable to identify the true colour and virtue of the community. The gallery shop displays football club, transporter bridge, highlights the street culture in Teesside along with the steel industry. A great way to join the community under a good cause. It helps the people of the Tees Valley area to come closer together to produce and appreciate together.

It is of great importance to shed light upon the fact that there is constant need to market the art gallery. To gain more funds and the interest of people adequate marketing is needed. It would help spread the word and create awareness regarding the significance of art in culture and tradition, as stated by senior artist Alan Morley.  

Gallery TS1 is aimed to do a lot more than just showcasing art work, it is in fact providing a platform for young artists with fresh ideas to come forward. There is an avid need to encourage the community members to that they unit and promote art together. The gallery will be the source of communication among the artists and the local people. 

The gallery is open 6 days a week. It is rapidly gaining popularity and people are showing significant interest in this art movement. The gallery is entertaining people from Canada and Germany along with other corners of the world. 

The gallery is worth a visit. It provides a focal point which units art and people. A great way through which the local artists in a community can be motivated to outshine outside the local community.  

Article By Chloe Tempestoso