Gone Tomorrow Teesside latest musical talent

  • Chloe Tempestoso the founder of Project Middlesbrough caught up with Elliot from local Tees band Gone Tomorrow about starting band during lockdown and their plans for 2021.

Would like to introduce yourselves to the Project Middlesbrough readers ?

We are Gone Tomorrow, a young alternative rock band from Stockton-on-Tees with all members aged from 16-19. We play passionate, aggressive music and have just released our debut single, ‘Escapist’

How did the Gone Tomorrow band form ?

We formed at school when our singer/songwriter, Ben Ruddick, showed us some music he had been writing. James Smith (Drummer), Akash Banerjee (Lead Guitar) and Oliver Overend (Bass) joined after Ben invited them to a practice session in December 2019. Elliott Duncan (Rhythm Guitar) then joined in February 2020.

Gone Tomorrow Band

How did you come with the name Gone Tomorrow ?

The name ‘Gone Tomorrow’ came about after some discussions between us all as we were not happy with our former name. A few names were put down on a list until James suggested Gone Tomorrow which was an instant hit with us all and stuck out from the rest.

Can you tell us about your upcoming single ?

Escapist is 3 and a half minutes of snarling alternative rock about longing for escape from the world we live in. Ben tells of dreams beyond a small town accompanied by pulverising drums, heavy bass and a melodic lead line.

What’s the music scene like on Teesside ?

The music scene on Teesside is brilliant, there’s a lot of upcoming bands and solo artists etc from a wide variety of genres. It’s brilliant to see so many people writing and playing music locally.

What’s the inspiration behind your music ?

Our music is sort of a pic n mix of every band members individual tastes. Ben grew up listening to Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen whilst Oli and Akash would listen to artists like My Chemical Romance and Bring Me The Horizon. It is good for us as a group to have so many different artists we are interested in as we can all appreciate the music we listen to as it expands our knowlage and gives us new ideas all the time. We just want to make music people can really resonate with and find enjoyment in.

Why do you think it’s so important for grass route venues like Base camp and local radio station based in Teesside to support upcoming bands form the area ?

We believe it’s a massive part in helping young and upcoming bands get to where they aspire to be. If there weren’t local radios or grass roots venues it would be incredibly hard to follow your dreams and we believe it’s important that there’s that foot in the door.

What are your plans for 2021 and beyond ?

With 2021 here we are looking to get plenty of gigs under our belt when the time is right and release more music. We want to give something for people to look forward to and really get behind. Gigs is definitely a massive one for us along with connecting with an audience and creating some buzz around our music.

You can listen to Gone Tomorrow latest single Escapist- On all available streaming services Spotify and Apple music.

Social media- Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/gonetomorrowband Insta -https://www.instagram.com/gonetomorrowband/

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

You can also catch a brand new radio show which supports local upcoming musicians from across the Tees area which Chloe co-presenters called the CVFM Intro show which airs every Sunday 5/6 on CVFM Radio 104.5FM or you can listen at CVFM.ORG , if your local based artist please submit your tracks to introshow@cvfm.org.uk.


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