We need to stop condemning Middlesbrough


When somebody doesn’t like a city or town, he or she thinks it their utmost duty to consider that town or city as their punching bag and continue to defame it to its fullest. However, this defaming can be a personal attack for the inhabitants of that certain town. Same is the case with the Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough has always been an easy target for getting slandered and deprecated.

Middlesbrough is also termed as the ‘worst place to live’ and to be more precise, it is termed as the ‘worst place to live if you’re a girl’. However, this town has so much more to it that must be addressed and appreciated. All of the damning and pejorative reports must be stopped and let’s start looking on the brighter prospect, leaving the disapproving tut behind.

The success stories

Everybody looks up to degrading a certain town or city but he or she never bothers to pass on the achievements of that certain area. Not only people but media also plays a major role in presenting an area being nothing less than a pothole. There are many other respectful and deferential accomplishments of Middlesbrough other than media reports of being a town jam-packed with obesity and underage pregnancy.

Teesside is the first place that gave this world a railway. It is the gift of the Middlesbrough Captain Cook that enabled the countries like Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand to be known and respected. Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is known for its beauty and grace, was built by Middlesbrough’s Famous Steel Industry. The football team of the Middlesbrough has won the League Cup. Moreover, this football team waved its flag in the UEFA Cup and lately marked its grounds in the Premiership. Also home to BBC Breakfast Presenter Steph McGovern and Musician Chris Rea. These are some of the main achievements and accomplishments that are currently obscured by the ongoing bleak position of the Middlesbrough.

Some hidden Gems of Teesside

Apart from debasing and demeaning remarks, Teesside is the home of a lot of hidden gems existing in and around the Teesside. These hidden gems and mesmerizing places include:

  • Acklam Hall
  • Roseberry Topping
  • Transporter Bridge

These are some others must be visited and explored. All these places are enough to encourage the tourists. However, the deleterious misconceptions spread by the reports underpin only the slandering aspect of Middlesbrough.

Nobody ever speaks of Baker and Bedford Streets Development home to some the towns finest Micro Pubs and ind. No stance is given to the glorious University Campus of the Teesside and nobody lingers on the re-invigoration of the Middlehaven or the Transporter Bridge and Newport Bridge. All these aspects are left behind and people only zoom in on the negative and defaming reports published by the media or rumored by numerous people. The only thing that Middlesbrough wants is financial aid and salutation from the government. This town holds so much more to it that remains neglected and only misconceptions are getting fueled by the damning reports. Middlesbrough is in a dire need of investments and everybody owes it to Middlesbrough because of the unnecessary slandering.

You may have made up your mind that Middlesbrough holds so much more than the typical defaming reports shown by the media. Instead of highlighting the problems and spreading misconceptions about it, we need to take a bold step against them and try our best to fix and solve them. Let’s just find positivity in every area and accept its own exclusivity.

Article by Chloe Tempestoso

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